How to: add image in WordPress

Adding an image in WordPress is extremely easy. This article describes adding an image in WP v4.1.

1. Within your editing window, point to where you’d like to place your image.

2. Click Add Media in top left corner, just above the editing window.

How to add image to wp

3. Media Library opens.

4. You have two options here.

a) you can drag and drop images directly from your file explorer window whether you have the Media Library or Upload Files selected

How to add image to WP

b) click the Upload Files tab, then click on Select Files; file explorer window opens, you select your files and click Open. As with (almost) anything, you can Ctrl-click multiple files and add them to your Library at the same time.

How to add image to WP

5. Click on the selected image and fill in the necessary fields. The most important is Alt Text, which should include a short description of the image.

Click Insert into Post

How to add image to WP

And you are done. We’ll look at using different sizes of images and linking in another post.