How to: use site title & tagline

What are they?

Site Title – in most cases it will be your company or trading name, or the name of your website.
Tagline – short description of your business or website.

Site title and tagline within WordPress

Site title and tagline can be entered under Appearance > Customise, then select Site Title and Tagline


The utilisation of the information depends entirely on your theme. Mostly they will be used within the header and displayed but not all themes do use them.

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What are they always used for?

Is there a point inĀ entering Site Title & Tagline when my theme doesn’t display them? YES YES YES! They are very important and need to be entered ALWAYS.

They are used in the following – not necessarily “visible” ways:

1. SEO – Site title and tagline are indexed by search engines

2. Display of website information in searches


3. Display of website information in browser